Your gift makes student success possible. 

                                          Volunteer for Kleberg County Adult Literacy


  • Tutor Assistant– works directly with tutor during group instruction.

  • Support Person– help with group classes, serve as an intake person, assist with computer-based instruction, run copies, assist with marketing campaigns, interview students/tutors for quarterly newsletters, etc.

  • Data Entry– support the Executive Director (ED) by ensuring accuracy of classroom attendance, entering information into the database or providing reports in a timely manner so ED can file necessary reports.

  • Board Member– serve on the Executive Board, meet on a   bi-monthly basis, have input on policies, and oversee the entire program.

  • Fund-raising– assist with all aspects of fund-raising events.

  • Childcare Literacy Advocate– work with children on-site.

  • Substitute– be available to substitute for tutor or childcare literacy advocate when he or she is unable to attend.


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