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Social Studies Lesson 1

Watch each of the videos below by clicking on the name.

GED Social Studies Test: What You Need to Know
GED Social Studies 2018 Study Guide
GED Study Guide Lesson 6: Levels and Branches of Government
How to Ace the GED 2018 Bill of Rights
How to remember the 27 amendments
The Amendments Easy Ways to Remember

Some more Video’s to watch:

School House Rock -The Preamble

School House Rock- The Branches of Government

Define these words:


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HSE Social Studies Lesson 4

Watch each of the videos below by clicking on the name.

Physical vs Cultural Geography
Human Geography
Regional Geography
Cartography and Technology
The Egyptians
The Sumerians
After watching the above video, take a FREE GED practice test for Social Studes

Watch the following videos for Homework:

Holy Roman Empire
Middle Ages
Martin Luther – Reformation
The Protestants
The Counter Reformation

HSE Social Studies – Lesson 6

In order to be better prepared for the Social Studies test, there are a few videos that will help you on the GED test.

Watch each of the videos below by clicking on the name.

Mean, Median and Mode
Topics and Main Ideas 
Compare and Contrast 
Point of View
Fact or Opinion  
Bias & Stereotype 
Identifying Logical Conclusions 
Summarizing Text


HSE Social Studies  – Lesson 7


 Get a pen and paper.

GED Social Studies Practice Exam Q1-100                 1:26:49

When question one appears, read it carefully and try to guess the answer before looking at the responses. Then look for the answer in the responses. Write down your response. The question will then be answered by the narrator. Listen to the answer and why you got it right or wrong. Any of these questions could quite possibly be on the GED test.

For Homework:

GED Social Studies Practice Exam Q101-200             1:25:49

GED Social Studies Practice Exam Q201-300             1:24:18

These three videos, question and answer process will expose you to so much information. It is so important that you take the time to watch each of these as it will improve your chances of passing the actual GED test.

Google Top 21 Most Famous Supreme Court Decisions and read each one, but know the following:

Brown v. Board of Education          (separation of students according to race was declared unconstitutional)

Plessy v. Ferguson                             (upheld separate between equal segregation laws in states)

Roe v. Wade                                       (woman have a constitutional right to an abortion during 1st 2 trimesters)

Obergefell v. Hodges                         (deemed bans on same sex marriages or not recognizing as such is unconstitutional)

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